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Here now, this week’s best blog posts.

Heide has a pretty good idea: when world events get you down, retreat into past trip photos. Ah, there, that’s better. Read Running away to Arles

Are you a film photographer who travels? You could write for World on Film, Stephen Dowling‘s new site. I contributed a story about Route 66 for the site’s debut; read it here. If you want to contribute, check the guidelines. Read Write for World on Film

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is a lawyer and a reporter here in Indiana who covered Vice President Pence while he was Governor. A selfie he took with Pence at a recent event generated considerable online vitriol, to which Hakim-Shabazz says: cut it out. You don’t have to like any politician or his policies, but stop with the demonization already. Read Politics & Politeness

Here are this week’s film camera reviews and experience reports.


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