Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis

Ghostly church
Kodak Six-20
Kodak Plus-X

The first time I photographed Second Presbyterian I was shooting my folding Kodak Six-20 and some Plus-X that I bought pre-respooled as 620 from B&H. The entire roll came back looking like this, to my disappointment.

I came across the negatives recently and they look normal. My wife bought me a new flatbed film scanner for my birthday, and it takes medium-format film, so I may try scanning the negs myself when I get moved and settled.

I’ve reviewed the Kodak Six-20 twice: here and here.


single frame: Ghostly church



10 thoughts on “single frame: Ghostly church

  1. That’s a great looking old Kodak; well worth sorting out.
    I’ll look forward to your impressions of the new scanner. I am faced myself with building a whole new system and may need a scanner as well.


    • I’ll aggressively shed cameras after I move and settle. But I’ll keep this old folder.

      It will take a while make time for the new scanner, a CanoScan 9000F MkII. It is the last flatbed available that can do both 35mm and 120/620. I’m hoping I can fashion a 127 holder as I’d love to shoot that format a little more.


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