The Thinker (crop)

Thinking primate
Olympus OM-1, zoom lens (I forget which)
Fujicolor 200

It was when I took my first Olympus OM-1 to the zoo that I came to see why the 35mm SLR had become so popular. I was still pretty new to the whole SLR game and up to that point I wasn’t in love, as I found their operation to be far more complicated than the all-manual viewfinder and rangefinder cameras I normally shot. But the light bulb went on at the zoo when I was able to compose and check depth of field, and be sure of the photo I was going to get.

I still have this OM-1 but I haven’t shot it in a few years. It’s a lovely camera except for the shutter-speed selector being on the lens barrel. I’m sure that if I used it all the time I’d get used to it. I need to try, because it’s just that great of a camera otherwise.


2 responses to “single frame: Thinking primate”

  1. Shaun Nelson Avatar

    You finally pulled the OM-1 back out? Good! I think the shutter speed on the lens barrel is awesome! The OM-1 is one camera I took with me to Europe for three weeks this summer. And when I got home, I found another in the local classifieds and bought it. :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Wellllllll, that shot is from six years ago! I do need to get the OM-1 back out, though. I have in the back of my mind to re-shoot every one of my cameras (outside the small group I know are keepers) and ditch any that don’t spark joy. I have to imagine the OM-1 will clear the bar and remain a keeper.

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