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How could it possibly be August already?!!? Here are the best blog posts I read as we transitioned into the month of dog days.

Seth Godin encourages us, whatever side we are on, to acknowledge when we are wrong. Because every side is sometimes wrong. Read My side, right or wrong

I’m deeply attached to my home, which went on the market yesterday. After I sell it, I will not want to drive through this neighborhood again, perhaps for many years, because it will break my heart if the next owner doesn’t care for it properly. So I totally get Jennifer Bowman‘s attachment to a few homes of her life. She about the homes that meant the most to her and why it’s hard for her, too, to drive by them now. Read Home(s)

I’ve been fascinated with gas-station architecture for years. It’s interesting to see how the changing auto culture led to changes in what gas stations looked like! Writing for Curbside Classic, Ex Eugeniac (a pseudonym) shows how stations evolved in Los Angeles. Read Service Station Classics: The Innovative Auto Salons of Early Los Angeles

Josh Solomon reviews Kodak Double-X 5222, a 35mm cinema film that you can shoot in a still camera. I’ve shot it and liked it, and so did Josh — but he gives a good report of its limitations. Read Eastman Kodak Double-X (5222), A Cinematic Black and White Film

Film-camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. Heide Avatar

    Seth Godin is spot-on, though I fear the folks who most need to hear his message will be the least likely to listen (because how can you reason with someone who WANTS “the system” to crash?). Ex Eugeniac’s collected photos were stunning. And Jennifer Bowman’s piece beautifully articulated the questions I wrestled with last spring as my husband and I weighed selling our home of 20-some years. I hope yours sells quickly, Jim. Thanks for the great reads, and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The listing went live at 8 am yesterday. At noon, a woman looked at it and offered $5k more than my list price! So I sold the house in 4 hours! Here’s a Web site my realtor put together where you can see the place:

      1. Heide Avatar

        HOLY MOLY!! I guess that elbow grease really paid off, eh? Congratulations, Jim — I could not be happier for you.

      2. Heide Avatar

        By the way, you and your realtor did a beautiful job on the website. What a charming home! I can see why you’re going to miss it … but here’s to the next chapter!

  2. The Trailhead Avatar

    Beautiful house! And I had a feeling you’d sell quickly and well. It’s a seller’s world right now. And if she was willing to pay extra, I hope that means she’ll care for it well.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you! It was kind of a dump when I moved in but I fixed it up. Come back Monday for more about the house!

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