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Saturday morning again, Roadies, and time for my weekly blog roundup.

Susie Trexler shares the story and some lovely photographs of a mission-revival school building she found in Reno, NV. It’s just luscious. Read Reno’s Mission Revival Quartet of Schools

If you’re like me, you cameras stuffed into every nook and cranny of your house. James Tocchio did too, and finally cried uncle. Here’s what he did to change his gear acquisition syndrome. Read Why I Got Rid of My Camera Collection And Why You Should Too — Maybe

Here’s one for my fellow car fans. Paul Niedermeyer, writing for Curbside Classic, found a 1951 Hudson someone’s still driving. These were such futuristic cars for their time, and Paul tells the story of their streamlined, aerodynamic design against the context of their time, and how they predicted modern car design. Read Curbside Classic: 1951 Hudson Pacemaker

Jess Cotton, writing for The Book of Life, considers the incalculable value of being unhappy as teenagers. Read The Importance of Being Unhappy Teenagers

Here are the vintage camera reviews and experience reports I found this week.

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8 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. jon Avatar

    Extra-good round up today Jim.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Glad it resonated with you!

  2. James Avatar

    That Hudson is just from a different planet!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I love those Hudsons! They look like the kind of car a gangster would drive to a massacre!

  3. Joshua Fast Avatar
    Joshua Fast

    Great alternate opinion on the Hexar! Most of what you read about them is stellar, it’s interesting hearing from someone who didn’t quite gel with it. I had a similar experience with the Contax T2. I read multiple glowing reviews on it, stumbled across one and sold it after two rolls.

    I do have a Hexar though and it’s my one and only AF point and shoot. It’s fiddly if you want to use it as a full manual camera, but if you leave it in P/A it comes alive. Sharp lens, reliable AF and infallible meter make the perfect trifecta for not thinking and just shooting.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I have a bit of reverse prejudice against the luxury cameras that a segment of our larger community seem to love so much. You can take stunning images with so many lesser cameras that when people love too much on high-buck cameras I automatically assume it’s the luxury they love, not the camera itself. I’m sure I’m being unfair. But when someone gives a negative review of a luxury camera, it definitely gets my attention!

      1. Joshua Fast Avatar
        Joshua Fast

        I will admit that I do love the luxury of AF and AE, considering i shoot with a M2 and a eye level F. I couldn’t care less about the status of owning a luxury camera, i tend to agree with you. Contax T2/T3, Ricoh GR, 35ti, and even MJU2’s have tripled in price over the last couple years.

        I am amazed that the Hexar doesn’t get more scathing reviews because the menu system and hidden functions really are crap. However, when you are ready to let go, just push it to P and start clicking. It earns its keep. If you ever feel like doing a review on one let me know, you can put a few rolls through it.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          I’ve found that many compact cameras have a way they like to be used, and when you quit kicking against the goads and just use those cameras in those ways, they generally perform for you.

          And yeah, the price of the popular compact P&S cameras has risen a lot lately. :-(

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