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Drive carefully
Pentax Spotmatic F, 35mm f/3.5 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar
Kodak Ektar 100

I photograph this sign a lot. I love it! And I drive by it frequently as it’s on the way to Margaret’s.

This time I photographed it from the driver’s seat of my car. The 35mm lens I used let me do that easily from the side of the road, where I had pulled over. Whenever I photograph this sign with a 50mm lens, I have to back way up from it to fit it in the frame.

The more I shoot 35mm lenses, the more I like them. It’s such a useful focal length for road-trip photography. I don’t have to back up nearly as much to get things into the frame, yet when I want to move in close I can still do so credibly.

Photography, Road Trips

single frame: Drive carefully



15 thoughts on “single frame: Drive carefully

  1. Tim Carlson says:

    Lovely picture. Just curious if you have any thoughts on the 28mm focal length? I find that I appreciate it a lot more than I do a 50mm for almost everything.


    • I shot a couple 28 mm lenses and love how much I can get into the frame with them. But the ones I’ve used have had such wicked distortion that it puts me off them. I experience far less distortion with 35 mm lenses, and so I tend to gravitate to those.


      • Andy Umbo says:

        Lot’s of pros I know, like using the 35mm, as a “wide” without much “effect”, and allows you to get a little closer to the subject, and then the 24mm, when they’re really looking for the “effect”, or need to get a lot in the frame but feature something in the foreground. The 28mm was sold to a lot of amateurs, who were just looking for one wide, that’s why there’s so many used ones in the market place and they’re so cheap! Lot’s of “street shooters” swear that the 28mm is their favorite tho…


      • Tim Carlson says:

        Thanks for the thoughts. I have a Takumar 28mm f/3.5 that I use quite a bit. Also have a Canon AF10 that has a 26mm lense that tends to be with me when I travel and need something light and small. I may have to find an m42 35mm to try now!


    • Yep! Surprising as the junkyard has been out of business for at least 15 years. I bought a part here once, after I knocked the side mirror off my first wife’s car. I’m trying to remember if the sign still lit at night then. I can’t pull it out of my memory bank.


    • Yeah, it’s easy to see Ektar all over this photo! Dirty little secret: this is the first photo I where I ever played with selective color in Photoshop. It really strengthened the color. Here it is before I made those changes:



  2. 35mm lenses… Couldn’t live without them.
    I got a couple of them for my Nikon cameras, and also to put on the rangefinders when needed, which is pretty much all of the time.
    And as always, it’s a totally brilliant road sign you got there. Never getting tired of this scene :))


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