Gold mine
Canon PowerShot S95

This stuff was near the checkout at every drug store during my 1970s kidhood. I hadn’t seen it in decades when my sons and I stepped into a candy shop in little Nashville, Indiana, a few years ago.

When I’m using my digital camera I experiment more freely. I felt there was a photo in this scene somewhere, but it took me about ten tries to finally get one I liked. The “Gold Mine” text is right on a rule-of-thirds intersection, the other bags fill the frame, and none of the surrounding scene intrudes.


single frame: Gold mine



5 thoughts on “single frame: Gold mine

  1. Heide says:

    I join J P in having lived a sheltered childhood, Jim. How does this “goldmine” gum taste? Is it gold-colored? Does it turn your teeth gold?

    All of those questions aside: great photo! Your diligence really paid off on this resulting frame.

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