Golden fence

Golden fence
Minolta AF-Sv
Fujicolor 200

The golf course behind my house, which has not been in operation the past couple years after its owners went bankrupt, has been purchased! Hopefully by next season golfers will once again tee up here. When a golf course doesn’t get constant maintenance, it deteriorates quickly (as my photos from last year show; see them here) and it takes considerable effort to restore the fairways and greens. As I type this, I’m looking out my sliding-glass doors onto the 14th fairway. It looks like a normal lawn. That’s not how a fairway is supposed to look!

The upside, if there is one, is that I haven’t had a single broken window in the two seasons the course has been shut down. I’ve had a few broken by wicked slices over the years.

This fence is inside the golf course, and I shot it last year on a Minolta AF-Sv, which is a surprisingly capable point-and-shoot camera.



3 responses to “single frame: Golden fence”

  1. Heide Avatar

    I remember being struck by the waste of it all when I saw your original post about the overgrown fairways and greens. How good to hear that the golf course will be restored! And what a beautiful shot you captured with which to announce the happy news, Jim.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I guess it’s a rough time in the golf-course industry; patronage is down. And in my part of town there are three golf courses within a few minutes’ drive. Now, this is the only public course; the other two are country clubs. But that’s still a lot of golf courses in a small area. Anyway, hopefully duffers will walk this course again next season.

      1. Heide Avatar

        I would imagine that in tough economic times an expensive hobby such as golf would be among the first to get the ax, if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor. But hopefully this development is a harbinger of even more good news to come.

        PS: Three golf courses is a lot within a few minutes’ drive. How fortunate for the neighbors to have all that open space about, though!

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