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A star-spangled set of blog posts as we head into the long Independence Day weekend.

If you like road trips and roadside architecture, you’ll like Debra Jane Setzer‘s blog. She writes in it only when she’s on the road, like she is right now. She’s in the Dallas area photographing old signs. Read Day 12: Dallas-Fort Worth Area (Part 2)

Mike Connealy shows you how to roll your own 828 film. It’s just 35mm film with backing paper. Read rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

Have you heard of the McMansion Hell blog, a hilarious look at the ridiculousness of the homes the upper-middle and upper classes build today? Well, author Kate Wagner is being sued by because she’s used photos from their site. It caused me to go have a look at her blog — where I found this deeply interesting post she wrote this week about why the common home is as worthy of architectural study as the homes of the wealthy. Read Looking Around (Introduction): Where Most of Us Live

Meanwhile, the wonderful Berlin Typography blog examines some of the large planned communities for the common man, and the utilitarian typography used in those places. Read Typography and the Siedlung

This is an exciting time to shoot film as so many new films are being introduced. Hard to believe after films were being discontinued left and right just a few years ago! Stephen Dowling tells us about a new slide film. Read Maco Direct announces new slide film: Rollei Variochrome He then tells us about a film he is releasing under his own brand. Read Announcing Zorki Photo Mono black-and-white film

My friend and colleague N. Scott Palmer makes a gently but cogently reasoned argument that there are cultures incompatible with ours, and that allowing people from incompatible cultures to mix will end in strife every time. I’m not sure I agree, but at the same time I struggle to refute his argument. Read Work with Nature or Against It

Here are all the camera reviews and experience reports I found this week:


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