Downtown Fishers

Downtown Fishers
Pentax KM, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax
Ferrania P30 Alpha

Do people actually like apartments like these? I know I’m biased against new construction. I feel like it’s all made with Balsa wood and Elmer’s glue. Give me a sturdy older home any day. Except that within every older home lurks half-assed homeowner repairs and renovations that at some point you’re going to have to tear out and do right.


5 responses to “single frame: Downtown Fishers”

  1. DougD Avatar

    I don’t know, I’d feel better if there was some wood and glue. When you see these go up it’s all sheet metal studs and foam..

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      As long as they face it in brick I think I’m ok. At least that would stand up to a storm. The vinyl siding they put on everything now — oy. My wife’s house is built that way and every good storm it’s yet another insurance claim to fix the siding that came off.

  2. The Trailhead Avatar

    I’m in the process of buying a 1972 walkout ranch, because I share your bias against new construction. I’d rather tear out and redo the half-assed stuff!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I think I don’t mind doing the tearing out and fixing. What I do mind is that I can’t just focus on it, that I have to go to work and take care of other responsibilities and do the tearing out and fixing around it. Coming tomorrow on this blog: the adventure with my main bathroom. Had the dang thing torn up for more than a week because I couldn’t just focus on it and knock it out.

      1. The Trailhead Avatar

        I look forward to it, as that is quite relevant to my interests these days. :)

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