Downtown Fishers

Downtown Fishers
Pentax KM, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax
Ferrania P30 Alpha

Do people actually like apartments like these? I know I’m biased against new construction. I feel like it’s all made with Balsa wood and Elmer’s glue. Give me a sturdy older home any day. Except that within every older home lurks half-assed homeowner repairs and renovations that at some point you’re going to have to tear out and do right.


single frame: Downtown Fishers



5 thoughts on “single frame: Downtown Fishers

  1. DougD says:

    I don’t know, I’d feel better if there was some wood and glue. When you see these go up it’s all sheet metal studs and foam..


    • As long as they face it in brick I think I’m ok. At least that would stand up to a storm. The vinyl siding they put on everything now — oy. My wife’s house is built that way and every good storm it’s yet another insurance claim to fix the siding that came off.

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    • I think I don’t mind doing the tearing out and fixing. What I do mind is that I can’t just focus on it, that I have to go to work and take care of other responsibilities and do the tearing out and fixing around it. Coming tomorrow on this blog: the adventure with my main bathroom. Had the dang thing torn up for more than a week because I couldn’t just focus on it and knock it out.


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