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It’s been a super busy week for me, and I haven’t been following my blogs like I normally do. So it’s a short list of best posts for you this week. Maybe I ought to blog about what I’ve been up to. The biggest thing that takes up my time, after my job, is home repairs and renovations in prep for selling the place. Anyway: my short list of posts for you:

Aaron Renn considers the distribution of top talent, those A players and superstars who can drive significant change and outstanding results. He notices how smaller cities just don’t have as many of them per capita, and how that limits their ability to shine. Read The Shortage of “A” Talent

If you felt a disturbance in the Force, it’s because MAD Magazine is about to move from its home in New York City to Burbank, California. “What?” you say, “MAD Magazine is still being published?” Yes it is. Mark Evanier explains. Read What, He Worry?

This week’s film-camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. Heide says:

    I’m sending your good preparing-the-house-for-sale vibes, Jim. I hope you’re rewarded with a quick sale and a great price. And in the meantime, thank you for your abbreviated-but-still-excellent reading list. The piece on A-listers left me thinking about how to up my own game … and MAD Magazine? If its new incarnation is even half as funny and biting as the version I read as a kid, I will be a very happy camper indeed.

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