single frame: Garrett, bored

Garrett, waiting

Garrett, bored
Pentax ME, SMC Pentax 55mm f/1.8
Kodak T-Max 400

I shot this while we were waiting for his mom to pick him up. She was late, he was bored.

This photo is in my book, Exceptional Ordinary: Everyday Photography with the Pentax ME. If you enjoy this photo, you’ll surely enjoy the book, which you can purchase here.

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2 responses to “single frame: Garrett, bored”

  1. Gregg Avatar

    Great shot! As a dad of 3 (and one who sat waiting for their mom many times), this is definitely the case of a picture’s 1000-word worth.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, explaining the context behind this photo helps make it all make sense!

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