Garrett, down the hall

Garrett, down the hall
Minolta XG 1, 45mm f/2 MD Rokkor-X
Fujicolor 200

Over the last couple years this is the view I’ve had of Garrett most often: him gaming online in his room. We’re a family of introverts, and we’re all geeks to some extent. It’s really common when we’re all home to be involved in separate online pursuits. The house is good and quiet. We like it that way.

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single frame: Garrett, down the hall



6 thoughts on “single frame: Garrett, down the hall

  1. I liked this photo when I saw it on your Flickr feed. Well captured, ordinary moment. It’s just a guess, but I think this is one you’ll really treasure in the future.

    • John, as I get ready to move out of my little house, a place I’ve grown to love, I already treasure this scene. It’s such a common, typical thing I see as I move around the place. It’s hard to express how perfectly this is captured.

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