Spring flowers from my garden

Yashica-D (with Spiratone Close-Up Kit)
Kodak Ektar 100

This is the last year I’ll get to enjoy the gardens on my property, as by this time next year I expect to have finally moved in with my wife in her home. I attached the Spiratone close-up lenses to my Yashica-D and loaded some Ektar, and as the spring flowers began to bloom I recorded them all. More tomorrow!

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single frame: Narcissus



7 thoughts on “single frame: Narcissus

    • There is a little educated guesswork in focusing with this camera. The glass focusing screen does let you find “sharp” but then you have to guess the in-focus patch based on the film.


  1. I had totally forgotten about Fred Spira and Spiratone until I saw this! In the 1970s, I used to love paging through the Spiratone mail order catalog for all sorts of photographic oddities. If I recall, I had some Spiratone darkroom tools and I believe I bought some color-toned photo paper from them once. Blast from the past! Thanks Jim!


    • Happy to bring up some good memories in you! The fellow who gave me this camera with the rest of his film-gear collection had a few other Spiratone accessories, including this giant mirror tele lens for the OM-1 he gave me.


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