Scenes from the American Sign Museum

The Emmanuel Baptist Church Drug Company
Pentax ME
50mm f/1.4 SMC Pentax-M
Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

I was trying to shoot just the church sign and didn’t really see the humorous placement of the sign behind it until I got the negatives back from the processor.


8 responses to “single frame: The Emmanuel Baptist Church Drug Company”

  1. kidmc2014 Avatar

    That is a good one.
    Of course after one’s been an office holding member of my local church for ten years; YOU’D NEED prescription drugs.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Lol, yes, I’m sure that’s true of many churches!

  2. DougD Avatar

    Times are tough, gotta diversify. Nice looking shot anyway..

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The offering plate just isn’t enough anymore!

  3. Reinhold Graf Avatar
    Reinhold Graf

    Yes you made it :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


  4. Heide Avatar

    Growing up I’d always heard the Baptists had the best drugs. ;) I love the droll story behind your image too, Jim. Isn’t it funny the things we sometimes notice only after the fact? Perhaps you “saw” this subconsciously, and that’s why you snapped the shot.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      And all this time I thought the Baptists’ claim to fame was being first to the restaurants after Sunday services!

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