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Happy Saturday, Roadies, and welcome to the weekly blog roundup. A new feature awaits at the end, so do read through!

I’ve gotten good at processing my own emotions — except for anger. I think I’d rather be devoured by bears. But Jess Cotton, writing for The Book of Life, says we all have emotions we struggle to process. Read Unprocessed Emotion

Mike Connealy has been busy making photographs with an old plate camera on 120 rollfilm. The tones he’s getting are just stunning. Have a look. Read More Plate Camera Work

It was in a Moroccan bath house that Abbie came to accept and enjoy her own skin and realize she’s perfect just as she’s made. She also tells you everything you need to bring to enjoy one of these bath houses yourself, should you ever find yourself in Morocco. Read On Moroccan Bathhouses and Loving Myself

Aaron Renn reflects on the experience of growing up in a small town today, and how the tight social order so often found in them stifles people who want something more than their little town offers them. Read “What Makes You Think You’re Better Than Anyone Else?”

I don’t think I believe in destiny. I think most of us who are fortunate are on a journey of discovery, and we discover that some things we find to do fit us very well. I think Johanna Rothman thinks so too, but she calls those good-fit things destiny. Read What’s Your Destiny?

Something new I’m starting this week: links to all the camera reviews I found published in the last week. Because I love camera reviews.


7 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Heide Avatar

    I always love Mike Connealy’s work — and I really enjoyed Abbie’s piece about her eye-opening experience (pun intended) in a Moroccan bath house. But Johanna Rothman’s musings on destiny are what I’ll likely ponder as I get on with my day. I’m not sure I subscribe to the notion of destiny either, Jim … but I certainly believe in seeking meaning and purpose both in our everyday choices and in our long-term plans for our lives. So maybe that is our destiny, in a sense? I’ll go hop on the rowing machine now and mull it over some more. Thank you for another great set!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I think Abbie’s piece was my favorite this week. I’ve read a hundred body-acceptance posts but what I liked about this one is how she found it with other women who didn’t even appear to think that body-image issues were a thing.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Another set of great links Jim! And congrats on your last link getting on Petapixel’s pages. Again, honored to be on that list. Thanks so much!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Happy to share your blog with the world!

  3. HelsinkiBudapest Avatar

    Just chanced upon your blog, but really happy to have found it, as it covers the topics I’m most interested in, art, photography, and culture. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I publish six days a week! It’s mostly about photography these days, but also sometimes about some other favorite topics, and sometimes I just write about my life.

      1. HelsinkiBudapest Avatar

        Sounds a bit like me about the frequency and personal vs. cultural (in my case). As I do digital art, the pictures and stories / posts go hand-in-hand. Right now I’m focusing mainly on national and personal identity. As this place used to be home once, it is about my life.

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