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Drink coffee, do work
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Before I drive to work I drink three mugs of coffee. Then at work I drink as many as three more. It’s a family thing; we all do it. I tried to resist — I hardly drank coffee, just stayed away from it, through about my mid 20s. But I finally fell, and hard. And the older I get, the more I consume. But I’ve drawn the line: six mugs is all I’ll drink in a day. That’s a full pot of coffee!


single frame: Drink coffee, do work

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  1. I used to be right there with you, but have cut down to about half that now: 2 in the morning and 1 after lunch. I think this is absolutely the minimum I will go, though.

    • I went up to a full pot during The Insomnia Years and never backed down. I love drinking coffee, but every now and again have a shade of a thought that perhaps this is too much.

  2. DougD says:

    Funny, I have a very similar mug but my coffee would have a bit of milk in it.

    My wife suckered me with the coffee, I was putting it on because I got up first in the morning, then figured I may as well start drinking it since I’m the one making it.

    I admire your coffee uptake limit, I’ve found that too much now gives me heart arrhythmia. While I was wearing the monitor for 24 hours that gave me time to think about how I should cut it back a bit :)

  3. -N- says:

    Mmmmm. Coffee! I was up to 8 cups of espresso in the morning at one point . . . now just 2 cups of 1/2 caff / 1/2 decaff at breakfast and lunch. I’ve calmed down a bit.

  4. SilverFox says:

    I only drink coffee in the morning; one when i wake up before leaving for work and another from that ubiquitous coffee shop when i get to work. Tea in the afternoon #iamsobritish ;)

      • SilverFox says:

        Ha ha… maybe.
        I didn’t start drinking coffee regularly in the mornings until I spent time in this country; i think i may be losing my cultural identity.

  5. Hi have you ever heard of a Zombie coffee? I believe it has 2 cups of coffee, 3 shots of espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream, drizzles of chocolate and Carmel and a cherry on top. Read my blog post 81 on Zombie coffee.

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