57 thoughts on “Film photography blogs you should follow (freshly updated for 2017)

  1. Thanks for the list. I’ll look forward to exploring it. Also appreciate the reminder to review my own links list which is perpetually out of date. My photo blog grew out of my web site about my old cameras. It is a lot easier to use Google Blogger to post things on a regular basis than to write html code every time I want to say something. I have imported a lot of material from the now-gone web site to the blog and the blog is really configured to be as much of a reference source as a record of my current photo activities. I still follow a few blogs like yours, but I tend to get more of my need met for daily photo info from a few forum sites like photo.net, Filmwasters, and rangefinderforum.

    • I’ve tried the forums but find them challenging to keep up with. I think a lot of that is because I consume blogs on my phone 75% of the time and the forums don’t render well on that small form factor. The forums you mention at least have a decent signal:noise ratio.

  2. peggy says:

    Thank you for the links to so many blogs. It is good to know (and see) that film is alive and so well represented.

    And kudos to you on your book. I enjoy your conversational writing style and appreciate your casual yet experienced eye. Exceptional Ordinary is aptly named.

  3. James Thorpe says:

    Damn you… just when I’d cleared out the backlog on my RSS aggregator! But seriously, thanks… great list, Jim.

  4. Hi Jim, what an honor it is to be on your list, and especially among this awesome collection! Thanks so much and thanks too for introducing me to some fantastic sites I never knew. By the way, I got your book and I love it! :-)

    • My original 2014 post, which I kept updated, had gotten lost in the Internet shuffle I feared. So i tried this fully updated repost, and judging by the positive response I’m glad I did!

  5. Michael McNeill says:

    A big list Jim – good to see so many film-related blogs (and thanks for the shout-out). I enjoy following Andrea Ingram’s blogs from around her home on the Scottish Isle of Lewis (www.boxesbellows.blogspot.com and islandcrofters.blogspot.com).

  6. SilverFox says:

    Hey Jim
    Thanks for including me on your list, I haven’t done anything on by blog for a couple of days due to a family crisis and I suddenly see a massive peak from petapixel where your post has been included. Thanks for the boost :)

    • Sorry to hear about the family crisis. I hope it resolves well. And yep, PP asked if they could rerun my post. I decided to rewrite it a little for them.

  7. Wow! I guess I’ll have to post more than once a week again, now that I know people are paying attention. Thank you for the inclusion in your list!

    Mitch @ Exploratorius

  8. Jim, Thanks for noticing my blog. It started as a way to keep notes on a project to shoot 50 film cameras in a year and has just kept going because I keep finding more cameras. Not sure I am worthy of the company but glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the inclusion.

  9. Just saw your face in my Facebook feed, a surreal moment for me! Also, that whole “Joe explores and discovers with his old film cameras” line still bothers me, and perhaps it’s time to reexamine where my blog is going, and find my roots again, what my message was. It was always about getting the best deal I possibly could and making film photography as affordable as possible…

    • I didn’t agonize over any of the taglines I gave blogs in my list. I’m happy to rewrite it next time as “Joe gets the best deal he can on his gear to prove that film photography can be affordable!”

      • Hahaha, can’t remember if we’ve had this discussion before or not! It’s really galvanized me though, if that’s what first came to your mind, then maybe I’m not doing a good enough job emphasizing the economics and affordability. ;) Or maybe I need to find a stronger theme, and stick with it!

  10. Thanks a lot for the reference to my blog Jim, most appreciated!
    I just saw that my stats were booming, two days in a row 😊
    I think I may have to shape up a bit and blog more often! The last year has not been very much…
    Thanks again Jim 💐

  11. jon says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks you for this list, I took copious notes. I learn something new almost every time I read your blog.
    Kind regards,

  12. Hello Jim,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on your site. I’ve been following your blog for about 5 years now, and I really enjoyed reading your camera reviews and looked forward to Saturday’s recommended reading.
    It was actually your site and your regular posts that encouraged me to start my own blog. You just gave me the motivation to post more regularly.
    Thank you once again.

  13. Hi Jim – thanks for including burntembers on the list, quite an honour given the company. And it is very nice to find a few more film blogs that I don’t already know about.

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