Blind shadows

Blind shadows
Polaroid Colorpack II
Fujifilm FP-100C

The unattractive drapes that covered my sliding-glass back door had long been an embarrassment: rumpled, dirty. But they did the job of blocking the setting sun as it blinded people in the family room who were just trying to watch TV.

There always seemed to be a more important thing to do rather than put up the vertical blinds I envisioned there. But preparing to sell my house has moved me to do several projects that somehow never seemed quite important enough before. It’s a shame I won’t live here long enough to enjoy them. At least I should be gone before they, too, become rumpled and dirty.


single frame: Blind shadows

Photo: Shadows from the new vertical blinds over my sliding-glass door.


8 thoughts on “single frame: Blind shadows

  1. You remind me that I have never liked sliding glass doors and have never owned a house with one. Which does not mean that I have no long-ignored projects. They are just different.

    • This is my first house with one. I’m not enamored. I like the enormous amount of light they let in, but they also make it harder to arrange the room and also they are fussy in use.

  2. Heide says:

    Great photo, Jim! Isn’t it kind of nice to know that, in your memory at least, that floor will always be clean, and those blinds pristine? Best wishes to you as you prepare for your big move.

    • Omg, my kitchen floor. I come into the kitchen/dining area through the garage a lot and that always tracks in debris. I can’t keep up with keeping it this kind of clean! Funny bit: whenever I mop the floor I usually photograph it with my phone for posterity.

      • Heide says:

        You LITERALLY just made me laugh out loud, Jim. Perhaps I should follow you on Instagram so I can benefit from all your clean-floor inspiration. :)

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