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I love CBS News Sunday Morning. If I weren’t in church when it is on, I’d never miss it. I hope you look forward to Saturday’s recommended reading in similar fashion!

Jason Fried writes for Signal v. Noise about the number zero, and how it’s liberating when you are blogging or Instagramming or doing anything online that has stats associated with it. Read The Intimidating Zero

A tech CEO recently pleaded no contest to beating his wife. Penelope Trunk thinly knits together some research and experience to draw some blunt conclusions around tech execs and their propensity to abuse their spouses. I don’t think her logic fully supports her assertions but you can’t deny that what she wrote is interesting and thought provoking. Read Silicon Valley CEO pleads no contest to beating his wife

Pentax has made many great cameras in its history. Alex Luyckx considers several (including the Pentax ME, which you know I love) on his podcast — but also shares photos of and from them in an associated blog post. What a clever way to support a podcast with visuals. Read Classic Camera Revival – Episode 28 – The K Team

Meanwhile, Mike Connealy writes a nice review of my book, Exceptional Ordinary: Everyday Photography with the Pentax ME. Thanks, Mike! Read Exceptional Ordinary

All of this it gives me a good chance to plug said book. You know you want one! Click the cover below to buy a copy.


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