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Kitchen window

Kitchen window
Unknown camera
Kodak Gold 400 (expired)

It finally happened: I got a roll back from the processor and could not remember which camera I used to shoot it. I went on a shooting jag in January and February, with five or six cameras loaded at once. And then I had company one night and tidied up and put away whatever camera I used on this roll. I remember well shooting many of the images, such as this one. But I can’t call up which camera was in my hands.


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  1. dan james Avatar

    I’ve come close to this happening – usually when I’ve shot two or more rolls of the same film but in different camera, than had a bunch of rolls processed at once.

    Can you narrow it down?

    Ultimately of course, it doesn’t matter, a picture stands on its own merits, regardless of the kit used to make it…

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It might, maybe, have been my Canon EOS A2e. Off chance. But yeah, at this point the photo stands on its own.

  2. Mike Avatar

    That window shot is probably my all-time favorite of your photographs. Oddly, it is also a picture which I think looks better in a smaller size such as that shown on Flickr when the blog photo is clicked. My guess is that people viewing the picture on a phone or tablet would find that the picture looks ok either way. On the bigger screen of the laptop or desktop, however, the image which fills the screen seems to lose the integrity of the composition.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you so much for saying such a kind thing about this photo!

      I agree with you that this photo works better at a smaller size. When I look at it at the standard Flickr size, my eye can absorb it in one scan. At the size I’m showing it on this blog post, my eye needs to jump across it a couple times to take it all in.

      I worked in an art museum one summer during college. I remember well how some works worked best for me when I stood well back from them; when I moved in close, the work started to break down for me because I largely saw its elements rather than the work as a whole. I experienced the opposite effect on other works, where I liked enjoying its details very much but didn’t enjoy the work as a whole as much.

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