One Way Alley

One Way Alley
Apple iPhone 6s

I went to visit Damion at Purdue and found that the campus was socked in because of some sporting event. Neither of us care about sports or like large crowds, so to get some peace we drove across the river into Lafayette and walked Main Street. Before we stopped for dinner, I noticed this old embossed sign in an alley. I processed the photo in Lightroom on my phone.


Photo: One way alley, Lafayette, IN


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  1. I like the minimalism, much like a Rothko painting. And a good argument that an iPhone is all we need to carry to make interesting photographs!

    • Really, I just liked the old embossed street sign. Those are quite rare now. And the Indiana flag sticker on it was an added bonus. I put the sign on one of the “rule of thirds” intersections and clicked the shutter. Then I applied a contrasty b/w filter in Lightroom on my phone. Man, if photography were always this straightforward.

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