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No fooling, here’s my weekly roundup of blog posts I enjoyed.

Can you imagine a Ford with diamond-tufted leather and real wood inlay? You can buy a Fusion so equipped. And it’s not just chintz tacked on. It feels as nice as a Lincoln. That’s because the old automotive brand hierarchies are dead, says Tom Halter, writing for Curbside Classic. Read Future CC: 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum – The End of Luxury

Roy Karlsvik posted a couple terrific photographs of blacksmiths doing their work. Read A couple more from the smithy

In South Bend, Indiana, the Studebaker family built an ornate church on the west side of town. Jacob Titus explored some of its hidden areas, and shares some photographs. It’s urbex, except with permission! Also: this is the church where my parents got married! Read Instagram Meetup – St. Paul’s Memorial UMC


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  1. George Denzinger Avatar
    George Denzinger

    I really enjoyed the trip through the Studebaker church (lol). Next time I get to South Bend, I will have to find my way over there. It looks really neat!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The Studebakers funded a lot of buildings in South Bend, including the elementary school I attended.

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