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Great doors I have photographed

A UK blogger I know only as “conspicari” posts wonderful photos of beautiful doors every Thursday. Yes, doors. Go check out his blog to see. I look forward to Thursday doors!

While I don’t make a giant point of photographing doors, they have found themselves within my viewfinder many times. Here, then, is a dump of door photos, in homage.

Red Brick Tavern, Lafayette, Ohio. Canon PowerShot S95.

Red Brick Tavern

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis. Canon T70, 50mm f/1.8 Canon FD, Fujicolor 200.

Arched door

Indiana War Memorial, Indianapolis. Kodak 35, Kodak Plus-X.


Salem Lutheran Church, New Augusta, Indianapolis. Olympus Trip 500, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400.

Salem Lutheran Church

Salem Lutheran Church, New Augusta, Indianapolis. Pentax ME, 28mm f/2.8 Pentax-M, Fujicolor 200.

Ramp entrance

Men’s room on the Monon Trail, Carmel, Indiana. Kodak Retina IIa, Fujicolor 200.

Red door

Drumcliffe Parish Church, Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Canon PowerShot S95.

IMG_3742 rawproc.jpg

Shop, Waynetown, Indiana. Canon PowerShot S95.


Old house, Delphi, Indiana. Yashica Lynx 14e, Kodak T-Max 400.


Crooked Creek Baptist Church, Indianapolis. Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom.

Crooked Creek Baptist Church

Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis. Pentax K1000, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax, Kodak Gold 400.

At Second Presbyterian Church

Residence, Lockerbie, Indianapolis. Pentax ES II, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Takumar, Kodak Ektar 100.

Door in Lockerbie

Angie’s List, former fire station, Indianapolis. Canon PowerShot S95.


Traders Point Christian Church, former First Church of Christ, Scientist, Indianapolis. Canon PowerShot S95.

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Church of the Holy Family, Ardara, Ireland. Canon PowerShot S95.

Church of the Holy Family, Ardara, Ireland

Gash & Co., Eminence, Indiana. Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom.

Gash & Co. entrance

Notice my cameo appearance in this final shot. This building also featured in this post from my State Road 42 road trip. According to a recent comment on a photo of this building I posted to Flickr, this building is no more.


25 thoughts on “Great doors I have photographed

  1. I have seen other collections of door shots over the years and I always find them enjoyable to look through. I wonder what it is about doors that make them such a never-fail subject in photography.

  2. Hello Jim, thanks very much for the mention. You have some really great doors, and taken on some great camera’s. Really like St. Paul’s Episcopal, Drumcliffe Parish Church, and Gash & Co. conspicari’s real name is Art.

  3. Heide says:

    What a marvelous collection of doors you’ve amassed, Jim! I think they’re so intriguing because they often say so much about the personality of the building they serve — and also because they’re so richly symbolic (a literal portal between the known and the unknown, in a sense). But as much as I enjoyed the artistry of your shots and the sheer variety of doors you’ve captured over the years, that last shot was my favorite. I don’t think I have ever seen a photographer looking more cool and casual than the guy in that reflection! ;)

    • I love that last shot too! I had a two-day stubble going — I almost never skip shaving. But that coupled with my denim jacket makes me look more hip than I actually am!

  4. Steve Miller says:

    The Angie’s list door used to be the Firehouse Color Lab’s door back in the days of film…

  5. Wow Jim what a wonderful and varied collection!
    Welcome to #ThursdayDoors and thanks for joining us this week.
    I’ve gone ahead and added a link to your post in our link-up list for this week. Feel free to swing by my post to check out all the other entries – just look for the blue button near the bottom of my post.
    And for future reference we’re open for entries each week between Thursday morning and Saturday noon. Feel free to join in any time. Cheer :-)

  6. Ohh, wow! That’s some entrance you just did! So glad you decided to take part. So many excellent ones, but for me the swans win this round. Looking forward to coming Thursdays!

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