On Illinois Street

Planter box on Illinois Street
Pentax K1000, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax
Kodak Gold 400

I think every film has its use. I just hadn’t found the right one for Kodak Gold 400 yet. I just haven’t liked the color I get when I use it. But it yielded surprisingly good color in my K1000 with this 55/1.8 lens. It’s still truer-than-life Kodak color, saturated, candylike. But it captured the dusky hues here pretty well, and that’s not something I expect from consumer-grade Kodak film.

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Photo: Planter box on Illinois Street.


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  1. I use the Kodak Gold 400 on cloudy, misty or rainy days at the sea side with the waterproof camera Canon Prima AS-1 and I’m really happy with the 35mm Film. In all that cases the colors are much softer and less colorfull. I try to use expired Film, I bought some years ago and kept it till today. And that Koak Gold 400 is great :-)

  2. I am actually a huge fan of K400 Ultra Max. My go to cheap film was always Fuji 200 or 400 until i found a brick of Kodak 400 for cheap. It almost has a Porta VC quality to it and skin tones are much more natural than Fuji. Fuji was way too cool for me, lots of greens and blues.

    • I shot a lot of Kodacolor II when I was a teenager. When I returned to film 10 years ago Fuji 200 was easily available, so I went with it — and came to like its bluey-greeny caste. So now when I switch to Kodak consumer color film I feel like the super-saturated colors are a poke in the eye.

      My son gave me a four-pack of Kodak 200 last Christmas; maybe I should shoot it all up and see if I keep feeling this way.

      • You might like the 200 better, I have found it looks much less saturated than the 400. I’ve also noticed that shooting Kodak under vs box speed varies the colors significantly. I normally shoot K400 EI’d at 200 or even 100. It loves being overexposed.

        • I’ve shot the 200. It’s still got “that Kodak look” but the colors are less pronounced. I never thought about overexposing the 400! I just shoot everything at box speed.

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