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A fresh harvest of good blog posts, gift-wrapped for you.

Are you never satisfied, never happy? Derek Sivers suggests cultivating a bronze mindset. Think Olympic medals. I’ll let him explain. Read Think like a bronze medalist, not silver

Susie Trexler toured Washington State’s Whidbey Island with her camera and captured a number of drop-dead gorgeous homes in the little village of Coupeville. Read Coupeville: Whidbey Island’s History Through Architecture

I live in Indianapolis. Noted urban analyst Aaron Renn wrote an insightful piece this week about Indianapolis city culture and how you get things done here. It’s fascinating. Read Ten Things You Need To Know About Indianapolis City Culture

Jonas Downey, writing for Signal v. Noise, shares excellent thoughts for software companies on how they can make UI changes without alienating their users. Read How to launch software changes without pissing people off

I like my bourbon, but I gave up alcohol for Lent. So it was timely to read John DeVore‘s essay on why men drink. He doesn’t know why, but he wrote 19 paragraphs about it anyway. Read Why Men Drink


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  1. Heide Avatar

    Do people in Indianapolis really have “an excessive preference for the pragmatic,” Jim? If so, it sounds like my kind of town! I also loved Susie Trexler’s charming tour of Whidbey Island and John DeVore’s gut-hitting piece on why men drink. He’s spot-on that “Alcohol, like money, has a way of making you more of who you already happen to be.” But the piece that most spoke to me this week was Derek Sivers’ essay on cultivating a bronze mindset. It sounds like heresy at this moment in American history, when our culture values winning above all else. But through my own experience I’ve found that focusing on what I have — instead of bemoaning what I don’t — is the secret of happiness. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that “astoundingly good” is still pretty darned good.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We in Indianapolis are pragmatic to a fault. Visionary leaders don’t do well here. Glad you keep enjoying my weekly blog roundup!

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