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Just a random turtle

Just a random turtle
Apple iPhone 6s

I was out with my Kodak Six-20 when I came upon this little turtle sculpture atop a wall. I liked it and wanted to photograph it, but the old folding Kodak couldn’t focus close enough. So I whipped out my iPhone. This crop was for Facebook, as I made this my cover photo for a while and this is the aspect ratio that demanded. I like it, so here it is.


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  1. Photobooth Journal Avatar

    He is cute and obviously moving very, very slowly!

  2. Sam Avatar

    Great shot Jim! How’d you get such cool and vintage looking bokeh out of that iPhone 6s?!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You know how it is with cameras like this: you aim, shoot, and get what you get!

      1. Sam Avatar

        Sure, but that bokeh is different…and great! :-)

  3. Www.warangalcabs Avatar

    Obviously moving very very slowly

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Undetectably so.

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