Brick Rd.

Brick National Road near Norwich, Ohio
Canon PowerShot S95

Ohio has some deeply delightful brick and concrete sections of the old National Road, some of which you can still drive. Like this section. It’s good, rumbly brick.

Thus endeth the series of old-road photos to celebrate Down the Road’s 10th blogiversary. But I have more to say about blogging and this blog, so watch for more “Ten Years of Down the Road” posts to come.

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Photo: Brick section of the National Road in Ohio


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  1. Reinhold says:

    Jim, your blog is one of not so many blogs I visit frequently and which I highly appreciate. Please keep on blogging as you do!

  2. Love those bricks, and your description – “good rumbly brick”. Makes me wonder about how they laid it originally, the craft involved and the time it must have taken…

  3. Such a beautiful shot Jim, I’m so familiar with your work I guessed right that it was the S95 before I read it! You always take awesome shots with that thing! Congrats on ten years, I can barely keep up even at my snail’s pace. You’re my inspiration man, keep up the great work! Two thumbs up!!

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