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Happy weekend, Roadies, and happy reading from the blog posts I enjoyed most this week!

I’m not good at pausing to rest. If I’m not busy, I’m not happy. Johanna Rothman argues that rests are the key to productivity. Read When Do You Take a Break?

A blogger I know only as Evangelina07, who loves to travel, shares what she’s learned about making good vacation photos. I learned a few things! Read Easy tips to improve your vacation photos

Alister Scott explains why a password like correct-horse-battery-stable is far more secure than the kinds of passwords most sites require (i.e., Tr0ub4dor&3). Read Computer Security: Passwords

Writing for The Book of Life, Jess Cotton explains the psychology behind the Seven Deadly Sins. Read Beyond the Seven Deadly Sins

Kelly-Shane Fuller figured out how to process Kodachrome… in colorat home. Let that sink in for a minute. He wrote about it for Film Shooters Collective, and shared some of his results. Read Kodachrome Gave Us Those Nice Bright Colors


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