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Here’s my Saturday roundup of Good Blog Posts™ from around the Internet this week.

Parenting is full of unexpected adventures, and Jaye Watson humorously tells of one that involves her son’s posterior. Read Splintered

Aaron Renn says that journalist Richard Longworth saw it coming way back in 1998, how globalization and free trade was going to create a social crisis. You know, the social crisis we appear to be currently embarking on. Read How Richard Longworth Predicted 20 Years Ago That Globalization Would Cause A Social Crisis

This week was a great one for film photographers in the blogosphere. Everybody seems to be figuring out that film photography is making a resurgence. Not to pre-digital levels; never to pre-digital levels. But enough that new films are being announced, and some people are wondering how to buy an old film camera to try it out.

And so Dan James wrote a great article about how to get started in film photography for £27. (He’s in the UK; that’s about 34 US dollars.) Read How To Start Film Photography For £27.

And James over at Casual Photophile gives you an even bigger budget: $50. He polled his entire writing team and got some solid recommendations. Read We Pick Your First Film Camera For Under $50

And finally, Nicholas Middleton reminds us that Take Your Box Camera to Work Day is rapidly approaching. Are you in? Read Tuesday 28th February is ‘Take Your Box Camera to Work Day’


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  1. Greg Clawson Avatar
    Greg Clawson

    I thoroughly enjoyed the reading suggestions this week.

  2. […] was pointed out to me by Nicholas Middleton at Photo-Analogue (thanks to Jim at Down the Road for the prompt) that the 28th of February is ‘Take Your Box Camera To Work […]

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