Curvy State Road 45

Curvy State Road 45
Nikon N60, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6 AF Nikkor
Fujicolor 200

One of my two favorite highways to drive in Indiana is State Road 45 between Bean Blossom and Bloomington. It’s good twisty fun. (The other favorite highway is State Road 62 where it skirts the Ohio River.)

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Photo: Curvy State Road 45 in Indiana


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  1. I drive for Dreyer and Reinbold BMW, picking up and delivering cars. I recently had to go to Bloomington and picked up a loaner- a 2017 X5. I returned via SR 45. That was a blast. Great road, great car, great time.


    • This road runs through the Yellowwood State Forest! From the Indiana DNR site about this forest: “More than 2,000 abandoned and eroded acres were planted to pine (red, jack, shortleaf, white and scotch), black locust, black walnut, white and red oak. Red and white pines are the true northern pines and are still in good condition. The other pines are succumbing to insects, disease and extremely cold winters.”

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      • hmunro says:

        Don’t you love how clinical and dispassionate these DNR sites sound sometimes? I must say I much prefer your beautiful introduction to the Yellowwood State Forest, Jim.

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  2. Love driving back roads. I live near Harper’s ferry,wv. I take advantage of the hiking often here. I also travel for work often during the spring and summer. We worked at Marshall university in Huntington,wv last summer and on our way to the next job in Morgantown we took a scenic trip along the Ohio river. I think we may have traveled some on 62. Traveling back roads with the perfect playlist is the best!


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