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Happy Saturday, Roadies! You know the drill.

You know I love a road trip. So does Susie Trexler, apparently, and one she took recently was a doozy: she drove the Dalton Highway through Alaska’s wildnerness. She shares photos of the plain, unfailingly practical architecture she found along the way. Read Architecture on Alaska’s Dalton Highway

A writer I know only as puneybones writes the shortest of fiction, scenes, really, where she develops a character or two within a situation. She wrote one this week that I especially liked, about a small girl saved from a wolf of sorts. Read Safe

Upon Mary Tyler Moore’s passing this week, Mark Evanier wrote a short memory of the one time he met her. He stepped on her foot. For real. Read Mary Tyler Moore, R.I.P.

J.P. Cavanaugh remembers his dad’s favorite cocktail, the Manhattan. I like a nice Manhattan, myself. Read My Father’s Cocktail


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  1. DougD Avatar

    Hmm you want to use a 4X4 on the Dalton, I’ll take the 1970 VW bus from my CC article yesterday. Those folks I mentioned were there in 2015:

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That’s awesome!!

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