2016’s greatest hits

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Well liked in 2016

It’s my year-end tradition to highlight the year’s posts that were most read, commented, and liked.

Thank you for being a part of the Down the Road community this year! I couldn’t have imagined when I started this blog how much I would come to enjoy interacting with you.

Can I ask you to take another look at my five personal favorite posts from 2016? I really put my heart into them, and I’d love it if they’d get a little more attention.

Perhaps the most obvious measure of popularity is pageviews. These posts got the most of those this year:

My favorite measure, however, is comments. I feel like I’ve written something interesting or valuable when lots of you feel compelled to write something in response. And I really enjoy interacting with you over your perspectives and ideas.

If you have a WordPress account, you can click a Like button on my posts. These posts were most Liked:

For giggles, here are this blog’s most-viewed posts of all time:

  • Where can you still get film developed? — This post remains a top-five Google search result when people want to know if their nearest drug store still processes film. Its momentum appears to finally be slowing; it got 20% fewer views this year than last. Still, this year it got 85% more views than the next most popular post.
  • Cameras — This is the homepage for all the cameras I’ve reviewed here. I think it gets mostly organic views, that is, people come here for other reasons and then click the Cameras link that’s on every page.
  • Review: Wolverine Super F2D — This cheap film-to-digital converter has been superseded by newer models, yet this review still gets a lot of visits.
  • What’s a guy who still shoots film supposed to do? — A post in which I lament the loss of inexpensive drug-store film processing.
  • Yashica MG-1 — A camera review. Apparently, few others have reviewed this camera and so my review gets all of the Internet search love.

9 thoughts on “2016’s greatest hits

  1. Awesome stuff!! I admire not only your knowledge and experience, but the fact that you can do this almost daily. I can’t do it!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

    • Thanks Sam! I like the discipline of publishing six days a week. I don’t know if I’ll do it forever, but for now it works for me. Be well in the new year!

  2. Christopher Smith says:

    Great blog Jim I always enjoy reading what you have to say, looking forward to 2017. A Happy New Year to you and your family.

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