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Saturday morning, and only eight shopping days before Christmas. But don’t rush out to buy gifts just yet, Roadies. Enjoy these posts from around the blogosphere this week.

Did you know that a hundred years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to find a photographic darkroom in a hotel? Daniel Schneider tells the story. Read A brief history of hotels’ photographic darkrooms

Jason Fried, writing for Signal v. Noise, writes in praise of the good solid hour of work, yet calls it a rare species — and a leading way productivity is sapped. Read What’s an hour?



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  1. Bob Dungan Avatar

    Thanks Jim,
    Never hear of darkrooms in hotels before.

  2. Marcus Avatar

    The article about an hour’s work was on-the-spot, though short. Maybe he didn’t have an hour to spare for writing. :) A few years ago I stopped giving students my mobile number and chat application IDs. These days, people seem to think that you are at their beck and call any time of the day and into the evenings. Or weekends. I don’t give out my number but students will often call up the university and ask for my number. The university gives it to them without any regard for my privacy. I am thinking about getting a second mobile on a cheap plan and leaving it in my office. Then administration and students can call as much as they like and I will answer when I’m in my office and on work time.
    Am I just turning into an old curmudgeon? :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      When I was in engineering school I answered the main phone line at the school for money. There was no way in holy Hades I would ever give out anyone’s private phone number. And I had those numbers available to me.

      I like the idea of having an unlisted personal cell number and a public cell that you leave in the office on the weekends!

      1. Marcus Avatar

        There are too many universities in Korea all competing for the tuition fees of a slowly shrinking population. Therefore, the Student is King/Queen and the administrators want to keep them happy at all costs. Need a professor’s cell number? No problem! Smoking outside the designated smoking area? Security doesn’t care! Parking directly under a No Parking sign? Ha ha, those crazy kids!

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Wow! …It’s not anything like that in the United States today.

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