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img_0919Did you have a good week, Roadies? Tell me the best thing that happened this week in the comments. Mine was probably getting the Christmas tree up and decorated. I do love to sit evenings in the glow of those lights.

While you think about it, here are the best blog posts I read all week.

Don’t look behind you. That’s Derek Sivers’ advice for those times you’re trying to accomplish something but external factors keep demotivating you. Read Tilting my mirror (motivation is delicate)

As the boss at work, I meet each week for 30 minutes one-on-one with each person who reports to me. I’m there to listen, but often I hear sanitized versions of their experience that don’t let me help them succeed. Claire Lew wrote a brilliant post for Signal v. Noise about questions to ask to encourage them to give real feedback to you as their manager. Read How to have an honest one-on-one with an employee

Eric Kim writes about how to make a living through blogging. Except that it will be a meager living. And the money doesn’t actually come from the blog, but through things you do related to the blog. And forget advertising. And be extremely patient. Read How to Make a Living With Blogging

Finally, a fellow I used to work for, a very good boss, started his own company in the tech industry a couple years ago. Writing for LinkedIn, Mike Reynolds tells how unglamorous and chaotic it was, and offers advice for others who want to do the same thing. Read Hustle: How to Survive, Then Thrive, When Building an Agency


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  1. DougD says:

    Best thing that happened this week was having lunch with my parents, they just got back from a month in Myrtle Beach. Just heading out for the Christmas tree now!

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