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Following blogs is like a box of chocolate: you never know what you’re gonna get. Like this week. It was mostly raspberry creams. I don’t much like raspberry creams. Here are the few caramels I found. Caramels are my favorite.

The election surely turned things upside down for a lot of people. Have you experienced, as I have, people who you thought were rational and sane suddenly behaving in difficult ways? Jaye Watson has, too. Regardless of whether the election has left us feeling up or down, she asks us to find a place in between so that we can maintain our relationships. Read In Between

Some serious old-camera geekery: Nicholas Middleton looks at a lovely Zeiss-Ikon folding camera from the late 1920s that takes defunct 116 film. He converted it to use readily available 120 film. Read Zeiss Ikon Cocarette 519/15

What I enjoy about Peter Levay‘s blog is that he’s as determined to add words to his images as I am. This week, he struggled a little to find some words. I identify with that! Read Inner Lake

Rex Butts‘s takeaway from this election is that a lot of Americans are trying to preserve a “Christendom culture” in our nation. He explains why this is not our mission as Christians. Read Politics and the Way of Jesus


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  1. Love Black Dog! I photographed the street from the inside, one rainy day. The whole atmosphere is vibrant. And thanks for the feature! I always feel I’ve done something right when I end up here. :)

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