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It’s Saturday in America. Well, I suppose if you’re not in America it’s probably Saturday where you are too. Whatever; I’ve still got a few blog posts for you, good ones I read around the Net this week.

John Wreford made a compelling portrait of a Syrian farmer, pressing on in the face of drought. Go look. Read Syrian Resillience, A Portrait

The Pentax K1000 isn’t all that great of a 35mm SLR. So says Josh at Casual Photophile, running directly against the grain of the many fawning reviews of this camera elsewhere on the Internet. But he thinks he knows why everybody loves it so much. Read Pentax K1000 – Camera Review

“Only when we make sure that being single can be potentially as secure, warm and fulfilling as being in a couple will we know that people are choosing to pair up for the right reasons.” So says the author of The Book of Life, in an insightful post about choosing our partners well. Read Good Solitude: The Origin of a Good Relationship

Penelope Trunk writes a provocative and infuriating, but cogently argued, post that our nation’s shock at Trump’s election says we’re very comfortable hiding from the truth. Read Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

I don’t enjoy poetry. I don’t know why. So it’s rare when verse touches me, as seven concise lines by Ruby Pipes did this week. They remind how we can find security even when the world doesn’t make sense. Read Them


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