Arnott’s of Dublin
Nikon N2000, 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor
Kodak T-Max 400

We strolled through the shopping district in Dublin at the end of our trip to Ireland. Arnott’s is a department store.


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  1. Lovely!!
    Of course, had I been standing there, I would’ve been faced with the dilemma of going inside with money, or making sure NOT to go inside with money.

    Did you buy any tweed while you were over there?


      • Had I joined your blog before your trip, I would’ve suggested that both you and your’s take full advantage of being over there in the midst of all those beautiful tweeds, and sadly, a dying craft, and have a full suit of tweed made for you.
        I understand many of the little old ladies who weave, are retired and most of the ones left, are past retirement age.
        I have two full suits, a jacket or three, and several caps. You could still smell the peat smoke on some of them.


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