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Saturday morning, and time for another round of blog posts I enjoyed this week.

It’s remarkable to me how many corporate leaders don’t truly understand the power of systems to help a company grow. Rohan at A Learning a Day explains them well. Read People leverage and System leverage

This crazy nutburger election cycle has directly challenged journalism’s inherent neutrality — and according to Jay Rosen has changed it, probably forever. Read Neutrality in journalism has natural limits

Apparently it’s a thing in London where people dress up like zombies for a day. Gerald Greenwood shot some great black-and-white photos of this year’s day. Read World Zombie Day 2016

I’ve never thought about it this way, that angry people are angry because they have hope. But that’s what the author of The Book of Life says — and he goes further: if you’re angry, cultivate pessimism to take the edge off. Read The Secret Optimism of Angry People


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  1. nick Avatar

    So many nice things to discover.
    Thanks a lot for those “Recommended Readings”, again and again…

  2. DougD Avatar

    I didn’t find the secret optimism of angry people very optimistic, mostly it’s a secret to themselves. :/

    I try to go with:
    Blessed are they with low expectations, for they shall not be disappointed.

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