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Here’s your Saturday-morning roundup of the blog posts I liked best all week.

The person behind the Peeling Walls blog shares a series of photos of graffiti, a particular stylized-cloud graffiti found all over Detroit and usually signed “City Spirit.” Read Detroit: City Spirit

So many Christians today publicly wring their hands because the sky is falling. So says David Lacy, who reminds us that our job is to tell people the good news, to bring hope. Read Be of Good Courage

James at Casual Photophile writes a great review of the Olympus Trip 35, one of our favorite cameras here at Down the Road. Read Olympus Trip 35 – Camera Review

C.S. Lewis once wrote that God’s greatest wish for us is that we grow up. The anonymous author behind The Book of Life wonders why we don’t recognize stages of personal growth beyond childhood, because they’re certainly there. Read How We Need to Keep Growing Up

I live in a suburban environment and lemme tellya it’s hard to find interesting things to photograph among the strip malls and vinyl villages. Eric Kim reminds us of the opportunities that really do await in the suburbs, and more importantly, reminds us that we are happiest when we choose to be satisfied with our surroundings. Read 5 Tips How to Photograph in the Suburbs


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  1. vanilla Avatar

    Nice picks this week. I enjoyed the time I spent visiting your chosen reads. Thank you for the boost.

  2. afarawayhome Avatar

    Thank you for these great suggestions, I look forward to checking them out :)

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