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Did you miss my weekly roundup of blog posts, Roadies, while the blog was on hiatus? Well, it’s back!

Susie Trexler shares a surprising tip for photographing historic architecture. Hint: go up the ramp. Read The Surprising Place for the Best Architectural Photos

I find Donald Trump to be disgusting and I hope he loses the election. I don’t want to help the guy at all, but you’ve got to admit that Philip Greenspun has nailed it on some things Trump should have said in response to Hilary in the debate. Read Presidential Debate Thoughts: Did Trump miss some simple answers?

At Photokina in Cologne, Germany, there’s good evidence that film is hitting its post-digital stride. Hans-Peter Linz tells the story for Film Shooters Collective. Read A Walk Through Photokina

J. P. Cavanaugh writes about Nat King Cole’s days as a jazz pianist. Read Begging the King’s Way


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  1. lasousa2015 Avatar

    Jim, glad you are back. I enjoy your posts. I don’t know if you have shot an Exacta camera. You should give it a try. It’s hard to find one that is in decent condition. I have the VXB. The cloth shutter gets a bit mottled as mine is but it works well enough. The 50mm lens that came with mine was very stiff, but I got a 35mm Myer Optik Triptolan that is awesome. It has a waist level finder that draws curious onlookers so be prepared to be an ‘item’ if you take the plunge.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks for reading! I haven’t bought an Exacta yet. Thanks for the experience report. It’ll help me when I eventually try one out.

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