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How is it Saturday again already? Fortunately, this week the harvest of good blog posts was ripe.

He’s speaking mostly of street photography, but could it apply to other things in your life that you fear. Eric Kim asks you to learn to crave fear. Read Shoot What You’re Afraid Of

Mike Connealy tells the story of an old folding Kodak camera from about a hundred years ago. I was deeply impressed with the images he got from it. Read Kodak No. 2 Folding Autographic Brownie

My roadfan buddy Denny Gibson got to see the Beatles perform live 50 years ago this week. He wrote about the experience before he forgets anything more about it. Memory is slippery. Read It Was Fifty Years Ago Today

Michael Lopp really challenged me this week by suggesting that when I think I’ve finished something, I may only have completed the part of the work that’s interesting to me. There’s usually a lot of hard work ahead to truly finish the thing. Read The Half-Life of Joy

A tortoise, aged 100, made news recently for trying to mate with a plastic dome. Ann Althouse considers the tortoise’s loneliness, and wonders aloud why the press writes euphemistically about topics such as sex, even sex such as this. Caution: frank. Read Mocking the sexual desire of a 100-year-old tortoise.

I’m on Nextdoor, the online neighborhood forum. So’s software developer Jeff Atwood‘s wife, who calls the place pretty racist. Apparently, it’s been a problem across the site, and the company is aware and is taking steps to change it. Jeff writes about how Nextdoor is using code to blunt the racism. Read Can Software Make You Less Racist?

This week’s brouhaha over the cost of EpiPens led Jim Wright to a cogent analysis of this multilayered and complex situation. I like his logical exposition, right up to the point he blames Congress for all of this. They’re part of the problem but not all of it. And I wish his post’s title were less apocalyptic. Read The Latter Days of a Better Nation, Part IV

Jennifer Bowman wrote a lovely meditation on watching our children grow up and move into the lives they choose for themselves. It resonates with me because I’m in that phase of my life, too. Read Flown


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  1. hmunro Avatar

    Once again, you’ve nailed this “curated reading list” thing. Just as Eric Kim has nailed the insight/inspiration thing, Ann Althouse has nailed the compassionate viewpoint thing, Jim Wright has nailed outrage, and Jennifer Bowman, well … she pretty much nails *everything* she writes. Thank you for all of it, Jim.

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