Updated: Resources for film photographers

Over the years I’ve written a collection of resources for film photographers. I update these posts from time to time to keep them fresh. I just did that, so I thought I’d reshare them with you here.

Yashica Electro 35 GSN

First: the Internet boasts quite a community of film photographers who share their work, review their gear, explain their techniques, and tell good stories. My extensive list of the film photography blogs that I follow is a great way to plug into this community.

» Read Film photography blogs you should follow

Few drug stores and department stores have one-hour film labs anymore, meaning that you either have to process your own or send it out. Here’s where I recommend you send your film.

» Read Where can you still get film developed?

My guide to where to buy film was new in May and things haven’t changed since then, but here’s a link to it for completeness’ sake.

» Read Where to buy film for your camera

And finally, an article I just published last week: a guide for the film-photography newbie on buying that first film camera.

» Read How to get into film photography on the cheap


2 responses to “Updated: Resources for film photographers”

  1. blackbirdfreephoto Avatar

    Great info…many thanks for this post. I am just getting more comfortable in the darkroom but I thoroughly enjoy shooting with film cameras. These links will be helpful!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Glad you find them useful!

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