Captured: Contemplating the abandoned National Road

Abandoned National Road

I can hardly believe that my old friend Michael and I made this trip nine years ago along the abandoned National Road (US 40) in Illinois. I wrote about the trip on my old static-HTML site here.

It looks like I won’t get any road trips in this summer. I sometimes feel a little bummed about it, but I’ve filled my summer with so much other good and important stuff that I’m not letting myself stay bummed for long. When I started exploring the old roads in 2006, I was freshly divorced and looking for ways to escape. I needed to get away from my sadness and hitting the road worked great. I still love the road, but I don’t need to escape anymore. Life is good.


2 responses to “Captured: Contemplating the abandoned National Road”

  1. Charlie Hart Avatar
    Charlie Hart

    I am glad that things have become better for you. Maybe that explains why I still have such a fascination, and I still have the want to run out onto all these old roads. Not so freshly divorced anymore, but just me, nontheless. I hope that things continue to improve for you!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Charlie! My divorce was 10 years ago now; plenty of time to heal. I’d love to spend more time on the road but life just has me too busy this season. I hope to squeeze in a trip this autumn.

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