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S…a…t-u-r…d-a-y …morning! and time for my roundup of blog posts I liked best this week.

At work, you are one of three types: scientist, engineer, or operations manager. Which are you? (I’m an engineer.) Seth Godin explains. Read Scientist, Engineer, and Operations Manager

Judging by comments around this blog, many of us find street photography to be daunting. Eric Kim offers some tips (for those times you overcome your fear) that will help you get better shots. Read 7 Tips How to Make a Great Street Photograph

Did you know the Library of Congress still has an old-fashioned card catalog? And that their cafeteria makes a mean beef bimbap? So learned Nguyen Park when she visited recently. It’s a beautiful building; you must see her photos! Read Adventures at 101 Independence Ave SE


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