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This has become the most challenging paragraph I have to write each week: the intro to the weekly list of blog posts I enjoyed most over the last seven days. How many ways can I say the same darn thing?

Tina Gasperson describes the path to peace and living a life free of the past’s shackles: acceptance. Read You have to accept things as they are in order to move on

Most photographers today have never been in a darkroom, and Roy Karlsvik declares it a poverty. Photographs, he argues, are best when tangible. Read Darkroom papers and a few examples

It’s been one year since Ra Avis walked out of prison, having served her sentence. She writes a raw memoir of that day. Read roots and wings

I am interested in taking photos of people on the street, but my deep introversion is a tall barrier. Does Eric Kim have the antidote? Read How to Channel Your Fear into Bravery in Street Photography


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  1. hmunro Avatar

    OK, I admit it. I ATE THE COOKIE. Thank you for helping me get over it, so I could move on to the pie. :) Thank you also for sharing Ra’s post. I’ll be doing a lot of catch-up reading on *that* blog! Great lineup, as usual, Jim. Thanks.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      As a gluten-free dude, I *wish* I could eat the cookie and the pie!

  2. afarawayhome Avatar

    Thanks for putting this together, I really enjoyed these posts :)

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