Inside Starbucks

Inside Starbucks
Nikon F3HP, 50mm f/2 AI Nikkor
Foma Fomapan 200


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  1. Tom Harrell Avatar
    Tom Harrell

    Jim I like the picture but can’t tell what you are focused on. Could be my eyes I am 73 now.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Focus didn’t work out. I focused on a woman by the far window but she’s not in focus. I still like the photo so I ran it anyway!

      1. Dan James Avatar

        I think the focus worked out perfectly, I love the atmosphere, mood and grain of this shot. Sharp focus is overrated!

  2. roykarlsvik Avatar

    I totally love it!!

  3. retirizer Avatar

    This is really a thought provoking photo. I love it. Sometimes the camera does the right thing. I’ve taken photos and been disappointed that my camera didn’t ‘do it my way’. Then looking at it later I feel the feels and begin to love what’s there. Nice job.

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