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Welcome to Saturday, Roadies! Time for another roundup of my favorite blog posts from the week.

Jane London looks at the role life trauma plays in shaping us for the worse, and encourages us all to be agents of healing in the lives around us. Read We HAVE to love

I work too much, too late, on my various projects. Johanna Rothman argues that this is dumb because it leads to poor work and mistakes. Read When Do You Stop Working For the Day?

I generally embrace a frugal lifestyle. Mr. Money Mustache puts my frugality to shame, however. I aspire to greater frugality. He writes about ways to get there. Read Making Space for Badassity

Nathan Kontny (writing for Signal v. Noise) uses the decline and fall of the American shopping mall to make a point about selling software today. But the story of how some malls are distinguishing themselves, becoming relevant again, is fascinating in its own right. Read The Gruen Transfer – Getting Your Business Noticed

I started shooting raw on my Canon S95 some time ago and have been pleased with the good stuff I eke out of the files in post processing. But that processing is so time consuming! And now here comes Eric Kim tipping us all off: most modern digital cameras do fine JPEG work, and for most casual shooting that’s all you need. Read 8 Reasons Why You Should Shoot in JPEG


7 thoughts on “Recommended reading

    • I’ve been experimenting with it for a year or so now and have squeezed some astonishing stuff out of some photos. But I think I’m just going back to Av or Auto for snapshots from now on. Too much dang work.

  1. The Mr. Money Mustache article was very good and I’ve added his website to my bookmarks. Thank you for recommending it. I read the article by Eric Kim on Petapixel the other day and made the mistake of looking at the comments. It’s amazing how awful people can become when there is no danger of being punched in the face. I hope they don’t talk like that to people in real life. I use JPG on my Fuji camera because I like how the camera makes colour. I don’t get the same results from RAW in Lightroom even when using the Fuji colour profiles. And why should I do the work when I paid a lot of money for a camera that can do the job for me?

    • Marcus, I didn’t know Eric Kim also published his articles on PetaPixel, so I searched and found this one there. Holy cow, you’re right. What unkind things people say. No wonder Eric has comments turned off on his own blog. Here’s hoping the comments here at Down the Road remain as civil as they’ve always been.

  2. hmunro says:

    Your recommended reading list is consistently among the most valuable reading time I spend online, Jim. All of these posts contained valuable lessons I needed to hear today. Thank you.

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