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Happy Saturday, Roadies, and welcome to my weekly roundup of blog posts I enjoyed all week.

116 film, not manufactured since the 80s, has a “widescreen” aspect ratio that seems right in this era of televisions as wide as movie screens. Nicholas Middleton shoots a 90-year-old 116 camera with some expired 116 film and some fresh 120 film respooled onto 116 spools. Read 116 Day

Heather Munro walks us (literally) through how she experiments with a subject to find just the right composition. Read Photoshop with your feet

By the time you read this, Britain will have decided whether to stay in the EU. Gerald Greenwood made, days in advance, a cogent plea for remaining in. Read Love Not Leave


2 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. hmunro says:

    I loved Nicholas Middleton’s post about 116 film, Jim! As you say, the aspect ratio feels “familiar” to our modern eyes — which is kind of cool when you consider the age of the film and equipment that captured those images. (I’d wax poetic here about timelessness and the cyclical nature of fashion and art but … on to my next compliment! :)

    Gerald Greenwood’s post (plea?) was especially poignant between his eloquent prose, his beautiful photos, and my knowledge of how things turned out. But he’s helped me deal with the irrational sadness that has gripped me since I heard the referendum results. His images remind me that there are still kind, caring, inclusive, generous people in the U.K. — and no vote will change that.

    As for that post about Photoshop and feet … THANK YOU. I’m honored once again to be among your selections, and among such good company.

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