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Good Saturday-morning-coffee reading: the best blog posts I read all week.

Peter Fordham most famously made the iconic photograph of John Lennon wearing white, sitting at his white piano in a white room. Fordam died not long ago — and then Stephen Dowling found in an antique store a box of Kodachromes he took on vacation. He bought them, scanned them, and is sharing them on his blog. Read A 1970s Morocco time capsule

John Smith learns the value of revisiting a place again and again to make the best photographs of it. Read Knowing a Place

Urban explorer Liz recently photographed the decrepit Ohio State Reformatory, where they shot The Shawshank Redemption. Fascinating scenes of decay. Read Mansfield: Ohio State Reformatory


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  1. hmunro Avatar

    Your round-up this week reminds me of why I love photography so much, Jim: Here we have three different people who are using the medium to explore — and experience — totally different things. I really enjoyed John Smith’s reflections on the value of revisiting the same place or subject. And those vintage Forhham photos are priceless! Thank goodness Stephen Dowling happened upon them and is publishing them; they’re a glimpse into a world that doesn’t really exist anymore, I suppose. And as for Liz’s post: YOWSER. If I didn’t have work to do this weekend, I might be tempted to hop in my car and drive to Ohio in one go (because you know how I love creepy, abandoned places). Thank you for the introduction to these three great blogs!

    1. Jim Grey ☕️ Avatar

      I’m so glad you always enjoy the Saturday blog roundup!

      1. hmunro Avatar

        Always. :)

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